Sunday 27th October 2024 4-8pm | Sancreed, Penwith

With special guest Rosie Leeson | The red tent Sisterhood bringing you a special event to honour the celtic festival of the witches; Samhain. Join Lara & Rosie, witches of the earth in casting our circle and honouring this sacred time. We will gather in the roundhouse, next to the sacred fire, nestled amongst the tree of the apple orchard, in circle this autumn eve (exact location revealed after booking). Our evening together will entail working with the spirit of Mugwort Ceremonial Cacao to evoke our well-seeded ancestors who likely had deep connections with our earth mother. We will re-connect with our inner witch through sigil making, spell casting, magickal energy work and tarot guidance. We will journey deep with the mugwort through sound & gong, by the fire of the hobbit house, to allow space to recieve any guiance or messages from our witchy ancestors. Join us as the veil thins ahead of the new moon in Scorpio, as we descend into the Witches new year. Mark this special time of year in circle. 

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Sunday 14th July 2024 6pm-9pm | Online via Zoom

Join Lara for her signature menstrual cycle awareness course, where we will gather online and tune deeply into the wisdom of our exquisite bodies. This is where it begins, without awareness of our own cyclical currents of reality, we are prone to burn out with little energy left for embodying ‘the prayer’. A necessary reminder of our body as oracle and not machine. In ancient times, the first calendar was the menstral calender. Our ancestors marked their cycles on the walls of caves. Today we are disconnected from such wisdom. Many of us prescribed the hormonal birth control pill to ‘regulate’ the cycle, with little awareness that it actually supresses our natural hormone function and disconnects us from the natural resonance we share with Mother Earth. Join me as we take this course even further than “Menstrual Cycle as Spiritual Practice” and innerstand how working with the menstrual cycle is foundational to all activism. We will journey through all FIVE seasons of the menstrual cycle and I will share my embodied gems around each phase along with practical tips that you can implement immediately to begin working with your body. Note: I teach from my experience as a woman in a biologically womans body.

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earth dance | Remembering our indiginous hearts

Sunday 28th July 2024 11:30-16:30pm | Ponsanooth Hall Cornwall

Special event | Restoring Ancient Earth Templates. Our sacred prayer for the earth and remembering our indigenous hearts. An ecstatic dance ceremony to express all of you, held in a safe & devotional container. The event includes an opening ceremony with a velvety cacao and mushroom elixir, opening our hearts to the subtler realms of experience.  You’ll then be guided through conscious connected Breathwork, opening the channels to embrace guided movement that will further open up pathways of connection in the body. From there we will open the space for free form movement, including ecstatic kriya’s to keep the energy high (epic combination of ethno-house, tribal beats & medicine music along with live instruments). Big love to our dear brother Charlie Battin for the PranaPulse sound system bringing us the best quality sound to move with. We understand that energy will dip in & out, so you’ll have a space for rest which you can us whenever you feel the call. Join us in embodying our prayer for expression, connection, community, depth, expansion in gratitude for the earth & celebration of this beautiful life.

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