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I am excited to welcome you to my five week online womb healing container of intimate mentorship, to journey through the seasons of the womb, the seasons of all life and feminine archetypes. We will meet weekly, with over ten hours of contact time across our five weeks together.

A journey to rewilding our bodies through our connection with earth and the cycles, and a deep dive into unlearning colonial patriarchal consciousness and decolonising the womb, mind & heart. Are you ready to step into your power and embody your sovereignty?

This is an invitation to start choosing yourself, living by the wisdom of your womb and creative cauldron and to reconnect with who you are, underneath all the lies patriarchy has told you about how to be womban. 

We are the daughters of the silent generations

… and we are the first generation of women initiating ourselves as chain breakers, so we may let this healing ripple out to the seven generations before and after us. This is not about needing to be fixed, because you are right where you need to be. You are your own medicine in every given moment. 

This is a space of reflection where through the use of ancient womb practices, ritual for honouring rites of passage, cycle connection, self-reflection, somatic work and ceremony, we will spiral deep into our feminine roots. This journey takes us down and in, so we may rise rooted and more fully connected to our power. Are you ready to start your journey? Keep reading to find out more.


‘in maiden life happens to us, in mother life happens through us’ Sarah of magdalene

From transactional to relational

From reactionary to responsive

From hierarchical to communal

From hyper independance to community 

From competition to connection

From self shaming to self reclaiming

From seeking approval and people pleasing to self love

From confusion to clarity

From consuming to creating

From fawning to ferocity

From deep rooted unworthiness to celebrating fullness 

I work with women in all phases of wombanhood from maiden to crone. Are you becoming a mother? Are you harnessing the power of your harvestqueen? Are you grieving your cycle as you step into your menopausal power as crone? Are you on a journey of fertility and calling in children? Are you clearing dis-ease of the womb? Are you processing deep womb grief? Are you on a journey of stepping into your self worth and letting go of shame? 

what’s included?

10 hours of mentorship with Lara

5 LIVE weekly calls via Zoom (up to 2 hours per week contact time)

Free access to all womb yoga classes for the duration of the 5 weeks (worth £55)

Recording of my Inner Seasons as a Spiritual Practive course on charting the menstrual cycle (worth £28)

Weekly prescribed practices/rituals as homework to allow for further integration

Reading list for continuing your journey after the 5 weeks

5 week message & email support (allow 48 hours for reply) 

A loving and safe space for the 5 weeks to be held in an intimate online space

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1 SPOT MARCH 2024 


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Secure your space with 30% deposit – use discount code “rebirthyourself”

Payment plan available on request to be split over three months


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