what is shamanic womb massage?

Allow yourself to be held tended with deep reverence and devotion. This two hour deep but gentle Shamanical womb massage combines a number of therapuetic practices to bring you home to yourself and create the conditions for deep healing to occur. Combining deep womb massage with shamanical journeying (where appropriate), breath practices and sound healing to help transmute painful stored memories and emotions into love. Based on ancient Mayan massage techniques, this devotional body work combines deep release womb massage of the abdoment and sacral areas, both front and back, to help support balance of pelvic alignment, increased blood circulation and if appropriate, provide space for the release of deep rooted memory that may be stored in the womb. This massage will also help to balance the menstrual cycle or ease transition into menopause, and provide support for liver detoxification.

You will be welcomed into the sacred space of either my quiet home on Pentire Headland, or the sacred Roundhouse just outside Newquay (availability dependant). Before we meet, I will send you a consultation form to get to know you a little better and your intention for seeking this therapy. I may get in touch with you once I have read through your notes. 

During the massage itself, I use a combination of therapeutical techniques including guided breathwork, aromatherapy, shamanic drumming, visualisations, womb massage and sound healing, using both my voice and various instruments if appropriate.