come inside & join the monthly gatherings

For one Friday each moon, we gather on the sacred lands of Kernow close to Newquay, inside Pennans Round House, a beautiful clay womb like structure with an open fire. These circles run once per month and can be booked individually.

The red tent, in some places on the globe, remains an actual place. But in the West, it has been lost to patriarchal capitalist culture and what’s deemed socially acceptable. Our society has, for the last few thousand years, set about destroying the spaces women would gather. Once through brutal violence against women during the Witch Trials. Now mostly through shame and blame, and deeply embedded colonial patriarchal conditioning.

Yet, they remain in our hearts & in our wombs; these spaces we would once retreat for menstruation, for visioning for the next cycle, for ourselves & our families. The communities relied on the visions women would bring back from their dreamtime in the Red Tent to set the course for the next moon and help the tribe prosper. 

In these spaces magic happens. When women gather in circle and open heartednes, magic happens. We are re-writing that narrative, reclaiming what is intuitive and instinctual at the same time. When we can carve time to honour ourselves amd each other in this way, fully embodied, it ripples out to women everywhere who are holding the prayer to bleed in peace and honour their cycle, birth in peace, arrive at menopause in peace, and yes… eventually die in peace. 

These circles are a space of safety are expression. Of story, of archetypal wisdom, of deep rest, of womb embodiment, of nidra shakti, of cacao medicine, of singing, of dance, of laughing, of crying, of remembering what we almost forgot.

Thank you for holding space in such a safe and beautiful way. Please do put me down for the next one. I feel rejuvenated.

From my heart to yours thank you so much for yesterday. It was very powerful and today my heart is wide open. You created such a safe and warm (in all senses!) space. Listening to the raw and powerful vulnerability of women in a safe space is really a force to be reckoned with. The outpoouring of grief and joy I felt simultaneously was very moving and cathartic. Thank you so much. I can’t wait for the next one!

I want to cry again today reading your message. You are incredible. I woke up very heavy this morning and balled my eyes out for quite a while, and still so much to release. I am so honoured to have been introduced to you by my wonderful best friend. My intention is to be with you in circle for the next 12 moons.