Re-ignite, remember, reclaim. Welcome to my library of resources, which is building slowly and steadily. Here you will find a wealth of womb wisdom to work through at your own pace. Once you purchase a video, you will have thirty days acces.



This three hour online workshop will take you on a deep dive into the shamanical wisdom of the Womb; an invitation to take a deeper exploration of the blood rites that ancient wisdom traditions would have origianlly revered menstruating women for. We will journey through the the chambers of menstruation as the original blessing of the Great Mother. Learn ways to embrace the moon time as a modern woman, and to listen deeply to your body at this time as an oracle for your life. As well as diving into some of the ancient stories and practices, we will also talk very practically about how to honour menstruation in every life.


This three hour menstrual cycle workshop will take you on a journey through the inner seasons of the cycle. As well as covering the hormonal cycle basics, we will take a deep dive into the energetics and archetypes associated with each phase, and how we can work with the cycle to facilitate deep connection with our rythmic blueprints. We look at how to meet some of the trickier transitions within our cycle, as well as through-out our journey of womanhood and within our relationships. This wisdom already lives within us, and an intention with this workshop is to help you remember the power of your womb and menstrual cycle. 


This one hour long womb yoga class will explore the theme of the inner child work. The inner child is an archetype, and there can be many of them belonging to the wise inner parent (us). Our parents or caregivers, did the best they could living in the context of lost ancient wisdom traditions, and absent rites of pasage honouring the transition into parenthood. Our inner child can then feel neglected or abandoned. This class will take you on a somatic journey to reconnect with your wise inner parent, and re-mother your inner child with tenderness and love. 

Further Workshops Coming Soon…