Blessings sister, I am so glad you're here

Welcome love. My name’s Lara, a yogini living on the limestone and slate volcanics of Pentire headland in Cornwall. My favourite things to do when I am not weaving womb craft, are hiking, swimming and watching the sunset. I love being outside with the people I love the most.

For the last couple of years I’ve been honouring the call back to the womb. In February 2022, I left my corporate job in the travel industry and have been re-learning what work looks and feels like to me. As both a woman, and a projector in human design, that has meant a lot of deconditioning the ways I was so familiar with. A slow return to the cyclical ways that have long been forgotten has largely shaped my life and my work.

My work puts women at the centre. I focus on helping women to remember the ways of the wild womb through reclaiming forgotten initiation rites of passage and through ceremony.

I am a yoga teacher, womens health practitioner and Well Woman Yoga Therapist. I offer weekly online and in person classes, including Womb yoga, Womb sadhana & pregnancy classes, where much of the wisdom is weaved through story and feminine themes combined with embodiment and breath practices. I also hold monthly in person women’s circles in Cornwall, our very own Red Tent, where the content is based on my personal journey through the grail gates and themes of feminine reclamation.

In early 2022, my dear sister Jessica and I birthed Gaia Gatherings into the world. Together we weave our offerings to hold regular Earth Dance events, dancing to remember our indigenous hearts and our connection to the Great Mother Earth. We hold retreats in the spring and autumn, combining womb work and plant medicine to create transformative experiences for women on this path.

Through ceremony, embodiment & prayer we remember. I’m really excited to meet you at one of the next gatherings. Love & blessings, Lara

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    Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs, Elina & Ari Iso-Rautio, Lumi Power Yoga – April 2018

    The Art of Assisting 10hrs, Eline Iso-Rautio, Lumi Power Yoga – June 2018

    Pregnancy Yoga 40hrs, Pippa, Lumi Power Yoga – July 2018

    The Essence of Yin Yoga 20hrs, Eimear Beardmore, Falmouth Yoga Space – August 2019

    Well Woman Yoga Therapy [Womb Yoga], Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Yoni Shakti – December 2019

    TCM for Womens Health 25 hrs, Tiffany Cruishank, Yoga Medicine – August 2020

    The Female Arousal Cycle 16hrs, Carolyn Cowen – February 2021

    Yoga for Sexuality & Creativity, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Yoni Shakti – March 2021

    Charting Shakti, Fertility Awareness Method training, Mouja Moon, Emily Jane – April 2021

    Faculty of Astrological Studies Foundation Course – January 2022

    Shamanic Womb Massage CPD Training, Sanctuary of Sophia – February 2022

    Rhythm & Prana Flow: The Art of Free-form Movement, Shiva Rea – July 2022

    Bloom: Maiden to Mother, Sarah Durham Wilson – May 2023

    NECTAR: Carly Rae – Yoni Mapping self practice – May 2023