bespoke drop in 1:1 session

Drop in 1:1 sessions are perfect for you to gift yourself the holding of a feminine space for 90 minutes to explore whatever is arising. Book a single womb wisdom guidance session, from the comfort of your own home, online. This is an intimate session where we will delve deep into whatever you’d like to explore during our time together. I combine my experience as a womens health yoga therapist and a yoga teacher, with my specialist support work and lived experience of being a woman in a womans body, to create a safe and nurturing container. Use the calender to book your appointment, or get in touch if you want to request a different time & we can go from there.


Frequently brought to the container

Working with dis-ease of the womb

Irregular or unbalanced cycles

Painful periods & endometriosis

Learning to chart the menstrual cycle

Healing from HPV

Transitioning from maiden to mother

Relationships & self love

Awakening to pleasure

Chord cutting

Blood rites and working with menstrual blood


The motherwound

The Sisterwound

Yoga & restfulness

Inner child work

Venus Inanna descent

Healing from abuse & sexual violence

Healing from pornography

Herbs for your yoni

Fertility and opening to your soul child

Birthing imprints

Rites of passage


Start a womens circle